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viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012


To all of you who have required our support services for market studies and collaborated with us throughout the year.  To those who make suggestions. To those who trust us to develop their ideas, products and services. To those of you who believe in what you do and who, like us, know the importance of paying attention to detail, developing every subject and analyzing every issue to give it the attention it deserves. 

Thanks to those of you who want to create a better world and who know that studying the market is one of the ways to work toward that purpose. To those who often sacrifice their family time to see groups or interviews. To those who overlook the jetlag. To the fieldwork directors who choose us.  To the international executives.  To the translators who work by day or night to meet international demand.  To the moderators who travel against time and take up every project as if it were their own.  To the technicians, without whom our work would be so much harder.  To the recruiters who never give up in their endeavour to get the required samples. To the interviewers who put long hours into preparing the interviews. To those who keep the whole A Window organization in motion.  To those who coordinate and supervise.  And to all those who love their work.

Thanks to all of you who count on us to make your projects a reality. To those who share your needs with us. To those who participate even when they are in treatment for an illness. To those who put your hopes in us. To those who reward us with their trust and friendship.  To those who like and follow us either on Facebook or through our blog.  We want to THANK you on behalf of the whole A WINDOW team, but also on behalf of all of us who are enriched by the ideas generated here, because together we create a sense of well-being.

Happy New Year 2013 and Best Wishes from the A Window Team!