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jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

ESOMAR. Comments on Report 2009

Did you know?
According to the annual industry report 2009, published by ESOMAR, Spain is ranked seventh in terms of market size. Spain appears after USA , UK , Germany , France , Japan and Italy , which shows that Americans continue to be the driving force behind market research. In Europe, Great Britain remains the largest market and, although its market is almost half the size of that of USA , it suffices to lead the list of European and Asian countries.
In respect of the sources of research turnover, 80% of the projects in Spain are domestic while 20% comes from international clients. 

Fieldwork Implications
By now, Spain has been ranked by market size in a similar position for several years. We could also say that the percentage of international research has been consistent for the last years, which shows the interest of international companies in our market and its singularities. 
Just a decade ago, Spain was ignored in many multi-country projects and executives considered that the figures and conclusions drawn up for Italy were applicable to Portugal and Spain . This sounds a little bizarre right now, doesn’t it?
Today, most of the multi-country projects include Spain as one of the 5 major European countries. This perception has gained ground as the need for a better understanding of the market became evident. In line with it, the idea that local data from Madrid is enough to launch a successful marketing strategy is also gradually changing. 
Accordingly, these days Cataluña accounts for 21%(*) of the total spending in market research by cities, which brings to the fore the fact that both Madrid and Barcelona are important to have a realistic picture of the market. 
(*)Source: AEDEMO 2007

Facts & Figures.
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